We manufacture everything in Spain with Spanish raw material. Spanish craftsmen are world wide known for their savoir faire and the quality of their products. We have met the best experts in each field and many have joined our team. We intend that every single one of our shoes is an art work and we have the best artists working on it to fulfill this dream.

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Our multidisciplinary team is formed by very diverse profiles. One of the most important departments is the craftsman department. Artist who have been in the footwear industry for generations and that produce true works of art: the JONNDO’S.


In JONNDO’s philosophy offering our clients what they need prevails over the rest of things. We like individual creativity and satisfying needs. In the construction of the ideal shoe, we offer the best two solutions of this industry: 1. BLAKE: A classic sewing where the manufacturing of the shoe and the sole are done in two different manners nearly until the end of the process. 2. GOODYEAR: This construction is the most resistant. It has a double sewing of the sole with the rest of the shoe, on the outside and the inside. On the inside it has a layer of Cork which has two functions: sealing temperatures and to offer better confort. In this modality, the craftsmanship of the sole and the shoe are done together throughout the whole process.

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Due to our tireless perseverance to achieve the best final product, we have developed our own plant of fabrication of soles. In addition, we work directly with the best tannery to count with the best leathers: exclusive skins and of very high quality like boxcalf, flor antic or calf suede and goat suede. All skins are natural and of the best quality. We develop our own lasts which evolve consistently and offer the best, most resistant and conformable soles in the market.