Lisbon, source of inspiration

Lisbon, source of inspiration

Visit Lisbon with your JONNDO


Decadent, overflowing with craftsmanships, with a strong stream of emerging artists and full of secret spots. A capital in which the modern and the traditional live with each other like no other. That’s Lisbon, the first city JONNDO has travelled to.

We know you are a free soul and that you have your travel plans ready to enjoy the city, but of every travel we will choose four spots you simply can’t miss. Are you ready?

  1. Barbershop Figaro’s (Chiado): You need to start the weekend with a good look and this place is the most authentic you will find. The location, the barbershop and the barbers are all 10. It usually has a lot of demand for which you should make a reservation with time. An advice? Don’t go in shorts. A statement of intents? The access to the barbershop is only allowed for men.
  2. Time Out Mercado da Ribeira: The magazine Time Out has transformed the main market of Lisbon into a place for foodies to meet in which food shops and restaurants coexist with a wide variety and very well chosen. A group of friends don’t need to all eat the same to make a plan together. The style of Time Out can be sensed one you walk in.
  3. LX Factory: A design Market located in the rests of an old repaired factory. It industrial look has been reconverted thanks to murals and graffitis of different artists. There are various terraces to enjoy various craft beers, decoration shops, of designers, art spots and the spectacular Ler Devagar library. You won’t want to get out of there.
  4. Viewpoint of Santa Catalina: If after a day of tourism you want to relax with some spectacular views, this is the place. In the afternoon, this viewpoint is filled of young people who lay down in the grass to talk and hang out, play live music and enjoy beers.