What JONNDO means

What JONNDO means


Shoes. Culture. And you.


JONNDO is a classic contemporary shoe firm.

JONNDO is the classic of the twenty-first century: the quality, the design and also customized.


Every JONNDO shoe is made in Spain by the best craftsmen. The raw material is Spanish as well. The JONNDO shoes are custom-made and designed by experts or by yourself. Because only you know what kind of shoes you really want to wear.


Our name reflects our Spanish culture; our tradition and sentiment. The charisma and the emotion. The passion. These are the principles with which we develop our new collections and all our products.


JONNDO is a contemporary firm that plays in the classical league offering a deeper and more disruptive view compared to the rest of the firms. JONNDO products find their habitat in contemporary ideas, in art, in culture and in the present.


The quality is the core idea of the firm and the knowledge of the craftsmen has allowed us to create this concept of mixed notion where we join the best of our world until we find the perfect product and user experience.


JONNDO is innovation. The value of the traditional product increases when you can offer it additionally with the progress. This way, we have developed a unique technology that permits the client to order customized shoes online. The JONNDO app offers this possibility by taking only 3 pictures of your foot. Because we know you like to buy things this way. And we want to fulfill your necessities.


JONNDO is an experience. Our shops are spaces in which different things happen. We offer the possibility to emergent artists to expose their work, we organize lectures with architects, we embrace acoustic concerts and we let you buy in a different way from the usual. Because we are parts of the constant change. We are renovation and movement. And we are committed.


JONNDO. Expect the unexpected.

We are JONNDO and we are here to change the concept of the classic shoe. We want to gather craftsmanship with technology.